Meet Lovely Hunt

Lovely Hunt aims to spotlight LGBTQ designers (especially QTPOC), artists and allies.


Our handmade jewelry is for androgynous, transgender, gender fluid, nonconforming, masculine and femme folks. Every human in the LGBTQ community is absolutely beautiful. And we want to showcase this.

Our models: Identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. You'll see queer folks of all colors modeling jewelry in the most beautiful and unexpected of ways.

Our designers: Create necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from vintage, dead stock and reclaimed materials when possible. Ethically sourced when it's not. Hammered and soldered by hand for exquisitely fierce results.

Our jewelry: Earthy vibes. Spacey vibes. Neutral vibes. Ancient vibes.


About the Owner


Lovely Hunt is owned and operated by Gabrielle Hooks. She's a queer person of color. Loves karaoke. And is extraordinarily excited to help smash the gender binary and support her community by providing much needed representation of queer humans wearing things that make them feel good.

Celebrate the untamed with us. We promise it’s beautiful. 

Born in handsome Oakland, California. Thriving in Seattle, Washington.