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Meet Garnet Theory

Curated by queers. For queers. 

Garnet Theory searches high and low to bring you quality, vintage rings handpicked for gender non conforming, masculine of center and androgynous queers alike.

Studs. Trans folx. Bois.  Butches. Genderqueer folx. Non-binary baes. Androgynous people. We see you.  
Garnet Theory is owned and operated by a queer black femme based out of Oakland, California.


A few words about labels

What does it mean to be feminine? To be masculine?

That’s for you to decide.

Labels can help give language to a feeling or bring community together, but we think that’s about all they’re good for.

Like rules, labels are meant to be broken. To be subverted. Disregarded. Redefined and reapplied.

We use labels like ‘masculine of center” to help group our jewelry in ways the queer community may find helpful.

But please, we’d love for you to take our labels and throw them in the trash bin.

Laugh at them. Flat out ignore them. Do with them what you will.

We sure do.